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Whipped Honey with Cocoa

Whipped Honey with Cocoa

$ 12.00

Cocoa Whipped Honey at New Canaan Olive Oil

Whipped Honey (also called creamed, churned, hard, spun or set honey) is honey in which crystallization is controlled in order to produce a smooth, spreadable delicacy.  To reproduce what nature does so easily takes us time and, most importantly, the art of patience.  All the flavor and benefits of traditional liquid honey in a yummy spread.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will love this honey. The sweetness and flavor of cocoa and honey without the dairy or added sugar.

Suggested Uses:

-use on pancakes and waffles

-stir into coffee instead of sugar and cream

-makes a great dip for pretzels

-try on toasted bread spread with peanut butter, cocoa honey and bananas

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