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Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drop

Tea Drop: Chocolate Earl Grey

$ 2.00

Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drops at New Canaan Olive Oil

About Tea Drops:

Handcrafted in small batches, a tea drop is a portable shaped tea that can be enjoyed any time, any place with just hot water. Each drop is a blissful tea blend comprised of finely sourced tea, organic sugar and aromatic spices that one simply adds to a cup of hot water. No special tools, no steeping time, no tea expertise necessary.


Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Drop Description:

A decadent and delicious tea that your body will also thank you for. A balance of perfect harmony; we combine organic, raw cacao powder that is rich in multi-vitamins and antioxidants with a classic organic and fair-trade Earl Grey. What you end up with is a rich, chocolatey, and creamy tea blend without the heaviness. 

You'll notice the tea may take departure from traditional teas. With the addition of raw cacao powder, you'll notice a richer, slighly creamier tea texture and a smooth aftertaste of the bergamot essence. It's like a decadent chocolate drink without the heaviness (or the calories!). It is the perfect sweet treat kick in the afternoon, pairs well with dessert, or is a perfect dessert on its own. 


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