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Spanish Coupage Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil *2016 Crush*

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Spanish Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil at New Canaan Olive Oil

Why we love it: This certified organic EVOO has an intense fruity and nutty flavor.

Description: This robust oil is dominated by herbal green taste that is rounded out with a nutty flavor and a peppery finish.

Suggested Uses: Pair this robust olive up with a fruity balsamic for salads, drizzle over pasta, roasted veggies, or simply use for dipping bread.

Harvest: Oct 2016

Region: Andalusia, Spain

Acidity: .12

Polyphenols: 260

Nutrition Information:

 Ingredients extra virgin olive oil
Serving Size 1 tbsp.
Calories per serving 120
Total fat 14g
Cholesterol 0
Carbohydrate 0
Sodium 0
Protein 0
Sugars 0



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