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Red Bee Honey

$ 8.95

Wildflower Honey at New Canaan Olive Oil

Local, raw and unfiltered wildflower honey from Weston, CT. Medium amber color, fruity and floral flavor notes. 

We use this honey as a natural sweetener in tea, coffee or baking, and to serve with gourmet cheeses. It is also helpful for alleviating and preventing allergy symptoms! 

Click here for our Allergy Relief Recipe using Wildflower Honey


Honey Care in the words of Marina from Red Bee: Pure honey is fragile. To preserve the delicate flavors of your honey, we recommend storing it at room temperature 57°F (14°C) away from direct light or extreme fluctuations in temperature. Pure Honey never needs refrigeration and never spoils! Crystallization is a natural occurrence in honey. Honey can be made liquid again with gentle, slow warming not above 113°F (45° C). Red Bee Honey is raw and unfiltered so you may occasionally find a bee or piece of beeswax in your jar, that’s authentic honey.

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