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Recipes — recipes with California Blend Olive Oil

Creamy Balsamic Dressing

recipes with 25 Star White Balsamic recipes with California Blend Olive Oil recipes with paris seasoning recipes with Red Wine Vinegar recipes with Sherry Wine Vinegar

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Grilled Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms

recipes with California Blend Olive Oil recipes with Premium Balsamic

We like using a traditional balsamic in this recipe. The sweetness of the balsamic and the crispness from the grill make these mushrooms a great side dish. Ingredients: 4 large Portobello mushrooms 3 tbsp. NCOO's Premium Balsamic 2 tbsp. NCOO's California Blend Olive Oil 2 cloves chopped garlic salt and pepper to taste Directions: Turn grill on to high heat. Clean the mushrooms gently with a damp cloth and put in a large dish. With the cap side down (gill side up), drizzle balsamic and olive oil over the mushrooms. Sprinkle garlic, salt, and pepper evenly over the mushrooms. Place...

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Recipe: Pie Crust with Olive Oil

recipes with California Blend Olive Oil

Pie Crust with Olive Oil Recipe by New Canaan Olive Oil This is truly the best pie crust ever I have ever made. It was passed to me from one of my best friend's mothers. My memories of her house always involve fresh baked goods: a perfect assortment of pies or muffins just out of the oven. I'm so thrilled to have this recipe from her and to share it with all of you! Ingredients: 2 cups white flour 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour 3/4 cup California Blend Olive Oil 1/4 cup half & half (can use whole or 2% milk) 1/4 cup...

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