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BBQ Baste

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BBQ Baste Recipe

This recipe is the absolute easiest! It takes no time at all and you don't have to spend time mixing a ton of ingredients or waiting for your food to marinade. If you want to add great flavor to anything on the grill (shrimp, chicken, steaks, veggies) just follow these easy instructions.

You will need:

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (flavored or unflavored, depending on the result you want)

-NCOO's BBQ Seasoning

Then just mix equal parts seasoning and olive oil and brush or spoon over your food as it is cooking on the grill. Make sure to flip and baste both sides generously. Our BBQ Seasoning will impart a sweet, smoky and slightly spicy flavor. Adding it to a flavored olive oil such as Hot Chili or Garlic will enhance the flavor even more!

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