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All About: Gourmet Mustard at New Canaan Olive Oil

We are excited to feature our selection of gourmet mustards as our Product(s) of the Week for 6/30/17 through 7/6/17, with 10% off. Sale cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on store events, recipes, and product information. We carry a large selection of gourmet mustards from France, made with only the best ingredients. We love to use them in our original recipes, or on their own as the perfect spread. Because the mustard is contained in a stoneware pot that prevents UV light from...

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All About: Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil

Our Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil is one of our favorite extra virgin olive oils to have in the kitchen. You get three amazing flavors in one ingredient, so it can be a big time saver when preparing meals. Here are a few ways we like using this delicious EVOO. Use With Potatoes: Mash in your potatoes in place of butter for flavored mashed potatoes. Drizzle over a baked potato for a simple flavor boost. Dress potatoes for exquisite roasted potatoes. Use With Veggies: Toss chopped veggies in oil and sprinkle with herbs and salt and roast in oven. Heat oil...

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All About: Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar

The sweet and tart taste of blackberry combined with a bright bite of ginger is what makes our Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar so special. Here are a few of the ways we love to use this delicious balsamic. Right from the bottle: Pour over fresh fruit. Drizzle over hard cheese, like Parmesan. Add a tablespoon to club soda over ice and mix. Paired with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Blackberry Ginger Balsamic + Meyer Lemon EVOO for a refreshing and bright salad dressing. Blackberry Ginger Balsamic + Tandoori EVOO for a deliciously spiced marinade for pork or chicken. Blackberry Ginger...

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All About: Honey

We love honey at New Canaan Olive Oil! We have a large selection of honeys (whipped, flavored, local, raw, and Greek) and lots of delicious recipes to use them in. Here are a few of our favorite honey facts.  Honey can help reduce allergy symptoms. When you ingest the small amount of pollen in honey, your body begins to develop an immune response to it. Over time, the antibodies produced will help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Local honey with pollen from the area you live in works best. We recommend our allergy relieving tea recipe. Honey can soothe your throat...

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All About: Bacon Olive Oil

Rich, smoky, and flavorful: our Bacon Organic Olive Oil will add a great depth of flavor to any recipe you use it in. Made with natural vegetable flavoring, this olive oil is vegetarian and vegan approved. How to Use It? Our Bacon Olive Oil is wonderful in any dish where you want to add bacon flavor. Cook your eggs in it, to impart delicious bacon flavor. Sauté with cubed bread to make bacon croutons. Drizzle over baked potatoes and add cheese for an easy loaded potato. Slice Brussels Sprouts thinly, dress with olive oil and salt, and roast. Use in...

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