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Himalayan Salt Blocks

himalayan salt block recipes

Himalayan Salt - this gorgeous pink salt is not your ordinary table salt. It contains 82 trace minerals that benefit our bodies in many ways, such as maintaining blood pressure and aiding in the absorption of more nutrients during digestion. Cooking on a salt block adds a great depth of flavor without over-salting. Do not be intimidated by using a salt block! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be delighting your family and guests with beautiful and delicious foods.

Simple Steps for Using Your Salt Block

  • First, determine what you want to cook. The plate can be used for hot cooking or cold presentations. Smaller foods cook more evenly, as do boneless meats (excluding fish).
  • For cold presentations, like beef tartare, the salt block should be chilled in the freezer for at least 20 minutes before. It is perfect for table side presentations.
  • For cooking foods, like seared salmon, it’s important to warm the block slowly and to full temperature before beginning to cook. You can use the grill, gas stovetop, or oven to heat your salt block.
  • In most recipes that call for a hot pan, you can replace it with your salt block. Because the block will remain hot for some time, you can bring the heated block table side to cook with your guests.
  • When you’re done, allow the block to cool. Clean by rinsing warm water over the top and using a brush or scraping tool to remove any food or residue from the block. Dry completely before storing.

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