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Our Bronze Cut Pasta Gets the Gold

Better ingredients equal a better pasta. But is there more contributing to the taste of your pasta than the ingredients used?

Your pasta is shaped when the dough is extruded through a die. Traditionally all pasta was cut with bronze dies, but over time manufacturers wanting to speed up the process for profitability replaced the bronze dies with ones lined with Teflon. Besides the fact that more Americans are passing on using Teflon in their own kitchens for health concerns, there is another reason to avoid it your pasta. Teflon creates a smooth and slick texture on the pasta, whereas bronze dies create a coarse or rough texture. Now, imagine which pasta is holding onto your sauce better. Whether dressed simply with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or with a complex Bolognese, each bite with bronze cut pasta carries with it more flavors, as the coarse texture allows your sauce to stick.

New Canaan Olive Oil proudly carries ZPasta, an Artisan pasta cut traditionally with bronze dies. Taste the Butternut Squash Fioretti tossed with our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil. Or the Tomato Basil Linguini mixed with Due Cellucci Vodka Sauce. Try our pastas and you’ll notice the difference right away. They are a cut above.

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