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Olio Nuovo: The Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2016 harvest extra virgin olive oil olio nuovo

What is Olio Nuovo? Olio Nuovo, or “New Oil”, is a special Extra Virgin Olive Oil harvested from the first crush of the season. After the olives are crushed and pressed, the olive oil is immediately bottled, leaving the olive particles that are typically filtered out of regular olive oils. These particles are the star of the Olio Nuovo, giving it a cloudy appearance, making it packed with antioxidants, and lending an intense fruity and peppery flavor that olive oil lovers look forward to every year. 

How can I use Olio Nuovo? Olio Nuovo is very fresh, and best enjoyed within a few months of purchase. This intense and aromatic olive oil is perfect over greens or with a loaf of crusty bread and sea salt. Pour over cheeses, drizzle over soups, dress your pastas, and season your grilled fish - once you try Olio Nuovo, you’ll find yourself enjoying it with everything.

When can I order Olio Nuovo? Olio Nuovo is bottled during the first harvest of the season, which is typically mid-October. The demand is very high and the supply is limited, so we recommend pre-ordering to ensure you are stocked for the upcoming holiday season. Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas, Olio Nuovo can enhance your holiday meals and makes a great gift! New Canaan Olive Oil is now taking orders for the 2016 Olio Nuovo, and orders placed by October 20, 2016 will receive free shipping.


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