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All About: Gourmet Mustard at New Canaan Olive Oil

We are excited to feature our selection of gourmet mustards as our Product(s) of the Week for 6/30/17 through 7/6/17, with 10% off. Sale cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on store events, recipes, and product information.

We carry a large selection of gourmet mustards from France, made with only the best ingredients. We love to use them in our original recipes, or on their own as the perfect spread. Because the mustard is contained in a stoneware pot that prevents UV light from filtering in, it has an exceptionally long shelf life. Read more about the special packaging, including how to open the unique wax-sealed top here.


  • Mustard de Meaux: The Moutarde de Meaux by Pommery is one of the best mustards in the world! It is a grainy mustard with an exceptional flavor.
  • Mustard with Green Peppercorns: This mustard is strong and flavorful, with a spicy, peppery kick. It is enriched with finely crushed green pepper of Madagascar. Great for sauces, dressings, cuts of beef, and alongside any pate dish.
  • Honey Mustard: Sweet honey with a hint of the spice of this mustard makes a fabulous combination. Perfect for chicken, ham or coating a piece of meat before cooking.
  • Mustard with Cranberries: A grainy, sharp mustard that is wonderfully sweet and sour. It is a perfect accompaniment to grilled salmon, pork fillet, lamb chop or duck breast.
  • Royale Mustard with Cognac: A grainy mustard with a fabulous flavor due to its spices which complement the addition of cognac.
  • Mustard with Fig: The sweetness of the fig with the spiciness of the mustard makes a wonderfully unique flavor. Ideal with chicken, pork, duck, roasted game, in cream sauce or with foie gras on toast.
  • Mustard with Fine Herbs: A strong smooth mustard prepared in the authentic Dijon manner, and enhanced by garden herbs - chives, parsley and tarragon. Use in any salad dressing or mayonnaise recipe that calls for dijon.
  • Mustard with CranberryA grainy mustard, with a surprising bite that balances perfectly with the sweet and tart cranberries. A great addition to your to grilled salmon or pork.

Fine Mustard at New Canaan Olive Oil

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