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All About: Jalapeño Olive Oil

What makes it so special? Jalapeños are crushed with the olives at the mill to create an olive oil with the fresh taste of jalapeño peppers.

How to Use It? There are any number of ways to use our Jalapeño Olive Oil. If you like spice and peppers, it’s simple to enhance your favorite dishes. Here are a few of the ways we like to use it:

  • In chicken and seafood marinades.
  • On cold side dishes, like a corn/bell pepper/bean salad.
  • Drizzle on soups as a finish, to add richness and spice.
  • Mix into hummus or guacamole to add a peppery bite.
  • Pour over grilled corn on the cob in place of butter.
  • Dash a bit into your Bloody Mary or shake with vodka to spice up your drinks.
  • Toss with potatoes and onions and roast in the oven until done and crisp.

What to pair it with?

Cucumber Melon Balsamic + Jalapeño Olive Oil for a sweet, crisp, and spicy marinade.

Dark Chocolate Balsamic + Jalapeño Olive Oil to add depth and richness to chili.

25 Star White Balsamic + Jalapeño Olive Oil as a dressing for a leafy green salad.

Our original recipes featuring Jalapeño Olive Oil:

Jalapeno Olive Oil found at New Canaan Olive Oil in Fairfield County CT

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