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All About: Honey

We love honey at New Canaan Olive Oil! We have a large selection of honeys (whipped, flavored, local, raw, and Greek) and lots of delicious recipes to use them in. Here are a few of our favorite honey facts. 

Honey can help reduce allergy symptoms. When you ingest the small amount of pollen in honey, your body begins to develop an immune response to it. Over time, the antibodies produced will help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Local honey with pollen from the area you live in works best. We recommend our allergy relieving tea recipe.

Honey can soothe your throat and calm your cough. The World Health Organization lists honey as a demulcent, which is a substance that relieves irritation in your mouth or throat by forming a protective film.

Raw honey is better honey. Raw honey is simply honey that has not been heated past pasteurization. Heating honey to high temperatures kills the enzymes in honey that make it nutritionally beneficial. 

Crystallization is good! When you see crystallization in your honey jar, that is a sign of a pure and natural honey. For the science behind it, we like Red Bee’s explanation of how and why it happens. You can use it in it’s crystallized state, or slowly warm the outside of the jar with warm water to soften it.

Honey does not expire. Honey has a very low amount of water which is what keeps it from spoiling. Archaeologists have actually discovered honey in Egyptian tombs that was still edible! Honey will last indefinitely if stored away from humidity in a sealed container.

You can eat the wax of a honeycomb. Bees make beeswax as a way to store their honey and it is completely edible! Read Red Bee’s blog for more information on beeswax and how to use it.

Sample and shop our wide selection of honeys at New Canaan Olive Oil in-store or shop online. And check out our recipe section for delicious ways to use your honey.

Honey Facts by New Canaan Olive Oil in CT

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