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All About: Bacon Olive Oil

Rich, smoky, and flavorful: our Bacon Organic Olive Oil will add a great depth of flavor to any recipe you use it in. Made with natural vegetable flavoring, this olive oil is vegetarian and vegan approved.

How to Use It?

Our Bacon Olive Oil is wonderful in any dish where you want to add bacon flavor.

  • Cook your eggs in it, to impart delicious bacon flavor.
  • Sauté with cubed bread to make bacon croutons.
  • Drizzle over baked potatoes and add cheese for an easy loaded potato.
  • Slice Brussels Sprouts thinly, dress with olive oil and salt, and roast.
  • Use in any marinade where you want to add a bit of smokiness and bacon flavor.

What to Pair It With?

Bacon Olive Oil at New Canaan Olive Oil in CT

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