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Cheese: Yes Please!

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Cheese now available at New Canaan Olive Oil

You asked- we listened! After many, many requests and suggestions that we should sell cheese, we began to diligently research the best way to bring you some of the finest artisan cheeses. Finally, we partnered with 109 Cheese & Wine for their expertise on all things cheese! You may know them from their antique truck seen around town during the Caffeine & Carburetors events, their location in Ridgefield or newest location in Kent. With the help of owners, Monica and Todd and their knowledgable staff, we are now carrying a variety of delicious gourmet cheese. Here is a run down of what you can expect to find in our store each week- but stop by to check out any specials we may be featuring or to give us any special requests.

D'Affinois- A French double cream cow's milk cheese that is similar to a brie. It has a soft, creamy texture with an edible white rind.

Caveman Blue- This blue cheese from Rogue Creamery in Oregon is the best I've ever tasted! It is sweet with a unique creamy texture and a nice pungency.

Bucheron- A French goat cheese with a thick, edible white rind and a fluffy, lemony chèvre center. 

Cacio di Bosca al Tartufo- If you love truffle, this cheese is for you! An Italian pecorino layered with slivers of truffle makes an incredible, well balanced flavor. It is perfect for grating over pasta, pizza and risotto.

Manchego el Trigal 8 Month- A Spanish sheep's milk cheese. It is rich, full flavored with a salty tang. We love this served with our sweet or savory jams.

Noord Hollander Gouda- Aged Gouda from Holland. The Noord Hollander Gouda is a fine example of how extra age elevates the flavors & begins to carry strong pronounced flavors of caramel and butterscotch with a lingering spicy acidity in the finish. The cheese is studded with tiny, white crystals that add a unique textural crunch to the cheese's mouth-feel. 

Flory's Truckle Cheddar- Aged cow's milk cheddar from Missouri. Crumbly texture and sharp flavor with aroma of grass and pepper.

Maxx 365- Alpine style cow's milk from Switzerland. This is a very sharp, aged cheese- resembling a Swiss cheese flavor with more grassiness and creamy texture. 

We hope we have covered all of the bases with our selection, but we love hearing your comments and suggestions. Please contact us for availability as we only receive a limited amount of each variety every Thursday. After you pick up your cheese, don't forget to stop by Franco's to pair it with a wonderful wine (or beer). We will be posting our favorite pairings soon.

See you around town!


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