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5 Reasons to Give Edible Wedding Favors

What kind of wedding favor will you give? It’s just one of many decisions you’ll be making as you plan your wedding. Gifting a favor to your guests is a sweet gesture that says “thanks” for being a part of your special day and for helping celebrate your wedding. An edible wedding favor is a top choice for brides and grooms that want to give their guests something that they can use long after the party ends.

Why Edible Wedding Favors?

  1. Compliment your wedding season. Choose a Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your spring wedding, pick a Blueberry Balsamic for your summer wedding, taste a Red Apple Balsamic for your fall wedding, or stay warm with a Calabrian Hot Chili Olive Oil for your winter wedding.
  2. Give a favor that will actually be used. Break the pattern of giving a trinket that is for display purposes only. Send your guests home from your late-night reception with tea they can enjoy the next morning. Or give a paired olive oil and vinegar set that can be used long after the wedding.
  3. Get local and personal. Choosing an edible favor that is local has never been easier. Represent your neck of the woods with honey, jam, or syrups that are made nearby. You are supporting a local business and giving your guests a taste of the region.
  4. Create a custom label. Adding your name, wedding date, and other fun details to a bottle or jar label is much easier (and less expensive!) than engraving it onto a trinket. Make it personal and add a fun image or photo to your text.
  5. Food brings people together. Do you and your partner have a favorite dish or a story about how you met over a great meal? Share your recipe and story, and include a custom spice blend or flavored sea salt that compliments your meal so your guests can recreate your memory.

Edible Wedding Favors by New Canaan Olive Oil in CT

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